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Steaming Hot Strategy! 'Brewing Success with Starbucks Positioning Model in Talent Acquisition'....

Date Added: November 06, 2023

Steaming Hot Strategy! 'Brewing Success with Starbucks Positioning Model in Talent Acquisition'....

1. Ambiance and Store Design

Each Starbucks store is designed to offer comfort and a premium feel, with cozy seating, ambient music, and free WIFI, encouraging customers to linger.

2. Language and Customer Experience

With a distinctive lexicon for its drink sizes (Tall, Grande, Venti) and customisable orders, Starbucks creates a personalised experience that makes customers feel part of an exclusive club.

3. Product Presentation

The consistent quality and presentation of their beverages and snacks reinforce their brand promise. 'It's not just coffee, it's a Starbucks coffee'.

4. Seasonal Offerings and Limited Editions

Similar to the 'exclusive drops' in fashion, Starbucks introduces seasonal flavours and limited-time offerings, creating a buzz and a sense of urgency to try the latest creation.

How can companies use the Starbucks positioning model in recruitment?

1. Craft a Unique Employer Brand

Like Starbucks, companies can design their recruitment brand to evoke a particular lifestyle. Employees aren't just joining a company, they're becoming part of a 'culture and community'.

2. Create a Signature Employee Experience

Just as Starbucks has its language and rituals around coffee, companies can establish unique traditions or practices that make being an employee there distinct.

3. Package the Employee Proposition

Companies can take a leaf out of Starbucks book, by packaging their employee value proposition in an attractive way, such as engaging job descriptions, branded career sites, and an emphasis on the company's mission and values.

4. Offer Exclusive Opportunities

By providing unique development programs, benefits, or 'inside tracks' for career progression, organisations can create a sense of exclusivity and prestige, akin to being a 'VIP' in the Starbucks ecosystem.


By emulating Starbucks approach to creating a perception that its offerings are more than just products, companies can attract candidates who are looking for an employment experience that resonates with their personal identity and values.
Starbucks' successful positioning strategy in recruitment is based on creating a unique employer brand, signature employee experience, exclusive employee proposition, and opportunities that resonate with candidates' values.

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