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Recruitment Consultant or Life Coach?

Date Added: September 02, 2022

Recruitment Consultant or Life Coach?

Recruitment Consultant or Life Coach?

This is an interesting perspective!

I recently read a book on life literature, and one of the authors set up a very successful 'Personal Training' business.


The innovation the business Incorporated to separate it from the competition was mind-blowing.

They created a 5 pillar framework which involved physical, spiritual, emotional, social and intellectual.

Most PT's only focus on the physical element of this!

The core ethos was about individual well-being. When taking on a new client they would dig deep to strip back their social mask and then guided them on achieving things in life they thought not was possible!

The author talks about the time a 76 year old burst into tears when summiting Kilimanjaro...Happy tears of course.

The reason I originally asked 'Recruitment Consultant or Life Coach' is a person's 'career' ultimately takes up a large chunk of their life.

So, it's important to get it right and that's where Recruitment Consultants come in and help!

Recruitment is no longer just about selling a job to a potential candidate. It's about being an 'agent' to them and doing exactly the same as the author done in his PT business. 'Stripping back the mask'.

Creating a framework that understands a candidates;

- Passion or calling,
- Purpose in life,
- Goals & aiming for things they felt was not possible,
- What's the most important things in life to them,

That's without the usual 'salary expectation, location etc'....

Using the key information, it's about being a 'consultant' or should I say 'coach' to the candidate and supporting them in finding a career that fits perfectly into their life's meaning.

Or, it's going to be a long and unsatisfying life.


I understand things are not always possible right away. The reality is, nothing in life happens overnight by waving a magic wand, but with the right foundations, road map, support and providing accountability, you can assist your candidates to a level they have never experienced before.

Alex - CoFounder - Royal Educare

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