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Do the job they love, with the flexibility to love the things they do!

Date Added: March 25, 2021

Do the job they love, with the flexibility to love the things they do!

As we grow up from being a child, this little person who loves to have fun and take life as one big adventure, without a care in the world, is eventually faced with the pressures of life. We are consistently told by family members, friends and teachers who guide us through life, a situation that makes us feel unease;

“What career choice do you want when you are older”? This is where the reality really starts to hit us!



“What do I want to be”?

In all honest truth, the majority of us don’t really know, and many adults who are now settled into ‘jobs’, still don’t know what ‘career choice’ they want or should have chosen in life.

I’m a firm believer in ‘You don’t choose the job, the job chooses you’.

The reason I say this is, remember just then, I mentioned about that child who loves to have fun and is adventurous? This little person carries their identity right through adult life. Don’t get me wrong, you will go through many bumps along the way and lose track of who you are as a person, but it will come back, you just need to dig deep and remember ‘Who you are’!

This leads me to: -

The reason care professionals choose health and social care as a career is they know ‘Who they are’. They don’t just go to work to earn a pay check, they go to work to make a difference to the life of another individual.

And, what gets a care professional out of bed in the morning, is that identity they have always carried. The person who is loving, caring, puts other people before themselves and that same person that knows a vulnerable individual, in some cases, is all they have.

There is a problem however. Due to this super human desire to make a positive change and difference to the life of another, it does affect the health and well-being of our front-line workers. In return of doing the job they love, there is a trade-off, a trade off of long and exhausting hours, no room for flexibility to provide that very same commitment and support to their own family, leading to stress and burnout! Did I forget to mention that the very same people I am talking about do this for barely above minimum wage?

Crazy right?

Yes, but this goes to show that these front-line workers have a burning desire to help change lives and all with sacrifice of their own personal benefit..

Could there be a better way? Absolutely. To start off, let’s give credit and recognition for their hard work and commitment. Let’s put better infrastructures in place so our care professionals can do what they do best and still support their own health and well-being. Let’s give them better pay rates and scaled bands to work towards. There is a lot of work to be done, but I feel this can only happen by going back to the beginning! Putting different measurements and processes in to start, to gain a long-term and much brighter future.

As the Co-Founder at Royal Educare, we are on a mission to work towards this and have introduced innovation and new developments to allow our front-line Heroes to ‘Do the job they love, with the flexibility to love the things they do’.

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