Why the Royal Educare brand has significantly improved through the use of email marketing!

Throughout my years of working for and owning a recruitment business, life lessons have taught me a lot. I remember back in 2014 when I first started out in the world of recruitment, it was a very daunting experience and I was set with challenges and ridiculously high KPI 's to achieve. The only way I knew how to establish and grow the department (formally known as desk in recruitment) was to contact each potential client one by one and explain the reasons why they should use our services - if I was lucky enough to speak with the decision maker, I'd usually be asked to send the information in an email to never get a response back! As my lack of converted sales stood still, I realised I had to do more! How could I get the information and services we offered in front of the right people? As my confidence grew, I took my sales techniques to a new level and begun designing posters and creative letters and literally hand delivered them one by one, in hope it would reach the people I needed. Now I must say, it did work to an extent, but It meant days and days out of the office, which made me question myself - who would be there to receive the requests I so desperately tried to get in the first place? When I finally understood the recruitment market enough to set up Royal Educare, I implemented new ways of engaging in my target market with a click of a single button. Yes folks, which leads me on to 'Email Marketing'. Potential clients are not so interested in receiving on going information about a service you offer or why you are different to the rest. Now I'm not saying that stuff is not important, but potential clients buy into a reputable and recognised brand. They want to know what happens behind the scenes? What actually makes you different? Why is your recruitment business better than the one down the road? And most importantly, why should they use your services? The way we answered all these questions and got the information across was through the creative use of email marketing. At Royal Educare, its part of our working day to capture and story tell about our past and present experiences. We have now put hard copy posters, creative letters, monthly newsletters and video clips into a single electronic dashboard, which is regularly updated and sent out to our target audience. The power of email marketing has helped Royal Educare grow considerably since our launch back in 2017 and its all down to the client choosing to buy into our brand and what we stand for, resulting in a significant improvement in company reputation. Alex Williams - Managing Director

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