Back in March 2020 the recruitment industry as well as 99% of other industries were faced with an unprecedented Global Pandemic and was put in a situation we thought would never happen in our lifetime 'Close the door to your business, stay at home and protect lives'.

Whilst this was probably one of the most scariest times we have faced in over 100 years, it has allowed many businesses to take the back seat and reflect on their current models and operations to make a 'Change for the better'. One of the many positives to come out of COVID-19 at Royal Educare was to see:


Temporary Recruitment is an art that has been managed very effectively over the years by humans. It can be complex, time consuming and almost like putting a jigsaw together 'Finding the most suitable, available candidate, in a time effective manner to meet the requirements of your clients and in many cases with as little as 1 hours' notice'. Sounds the impossible right? Wrong, recruiters have been doing this for years and done a damn good job at it!

What if there was a better way? A way, where the recruiter can concentrate on building solid relationships with both candidates and clients to provide the best possible service without the burden of 'SHIFT FILLING'.

A new norm where a consultative approach can take place to not just fill the gaps in your clients rotas, but improve the whole workforce where temporary workers and permanent workers unite to formulate a solid foundation to ensure the job is getting done to the highest standards.

Where the recruiter can invest their time into the things that matter? Spend time on the clients premises to get the best understanding of exactly what temporary workers would be best fit without the headache of thinking are my clients shifts being filled back at HQ?

A time where the recruiter can meet a candidate for a coffee to celebrate their excellent feedback knowing the client is being well looked after in their absence.

What if there was a way a client could literally hand pick the temporary worker themselves and the candidate could chose a place of work that best matches their skills and requirements?


Over the last few months, Royal Educare have been developing a product formally known as 'Go Charged'. The platform is designed to simplify, streamline and innovate a new norm of temporary workers and guess what? We have found a solution of doing all this at cost price - the client chooses the rates they pay the workers and there are NO hidden costs.

Improve your temporary service via the latest innovative technology
Enhance the quality of candidates through API and AI
Simplify and streamline the whole process with a single click of a button
Save time and concentrate on the things that matter
Reduce costs and save money to improve your business

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