Our Brand New Search Platform Has Begun!

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Have you ever wanted to run your own recruitment business, be your own boss and take ownership of your future, but not entirely sure where to start?

The founders of Royal Educare, Alex Williams and Victoria Beacham had a vision to shape and change the way existing recruitment agencies business models were built on. Since launching the Royal Brand in June 2017, we have become one of South Wales leading recruitment agencies in the health and social care sector, before branching into special educational needs in September 2018 and becoming 'South Wales - Best Start Up Business 2018 and Wales best Family Business - 2019'.

Although Alex and Victoria had an eye for business and a wealth of experience in the recruitment sector, it wasn't easy to officially launch Royal Educare. It meant sacrificing a full time - regular wage, security, and put a lot of pressure on the family, and less not forgot a great deal of money to even kick start it.

In early 2019, Alex and Victoria wanted all employees to have a family - work life balance, as they knew the importance of having a flexible lifestyle was top priority when it comes to health, well-being and increased productivity levels. Currently all employees work remotely three days a week, with two allocated days at our central office in Bridgend - South Wales. Since rolling out this scheme we have seen so many benefits and would never go back to operating on a Monday - Friday - 9:00 - 17:00 basis.

Thinking where does the search executives come into this?

As a company who breaths innovative and is leading the way in the recruitment sector, Royal Educare have recently launched a brand new, unique platform to the company, giving inspiring entrepreneur's an opportunity to run their own recruitment business under the Royal Brand. This opportunity allows individuals to run a business as part of a team, without the head ache of all the start up preparations, initial and on-going costs and learning curves along the way, allowing them to focus on the main thing.....Growing a business. We are one of the first of it's kind to roll out such a great opportunity.

Here are some words from the Managing Director's....

"Having my own business was something I dreamed of from a young age, but actually kick starting one, wasn't easy. It came with a lot time, money, up's and down's, risk and sacrifice. So Victoria and me wanted to take away the majority of head aches and give inspiring entrepreneur's an opportunity to show the world that they can also run a business".

If you think you have what it takes to run a recruitment business with the support of an already establish brand, we want to chat with you? This opportunity is temporarily for anyone who lives in South Wales, but will quickly be rolled out nationwide.

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