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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

Are you considering using a recruitment and staffing agency, but not sure of the benefits, or whether it's a service worth paying for? Using a recruitment agency can be of great benefit if you fully understand how to utilise the services and can save you a lot of time and revenue along the way.

I am going to be a little biased, however, here's my top 3 reasons to help you make that final decision.

1: A recruitment and staffing agency have the understanding, knowledge and resources to access a broad range of specialist tools to ensure they search and headhunt candidates with the correct skills and experience that are not necessarily on the job market. Putting a job advert together just isn't good enough anymore and could result in lost time and revenue. Its not about short term results, it's about long terms goals. Ensure you find the best matched candidate.

2: A good recruitment and staffing agency will put together a bespoke package tailored to your company's needs. They should no longer work on a one size fits all - us recruiters understand each and every company operate in different ways. After recent studies, there are still many recruitment companies operating off outdated business models that's just don't work anymore. Make sure you do your research and meet with the agency before signing any terms or business.

3: I have come across many companies that are on the back foot when it comes to using a recruitment and staffing agency. Unfortunately over the years there has been some negative theories based around them. A good agency will have a detailed terms of business to protect both parties. By adding a recruitment agency to your list of approved suppliers, doesn't mean you are obliged to using their services all year round. It just means that agency is compliant, follows an extensive code of practice and you're happy with the pricing structure. Whether you choose to use their services is completely your choice, but when the time comes, you've already approved them, saving you time and revenue, allowing you to be one step ahead. I know many agencies that have sat as approved suppliers for months on end without any contact, but when the time comes, their ready to go.

I hope these 3 top tips have given you a better understanding on how a good recruitment and staffing agency can be of great benefit to you. Recruiting good candidates takes up time and time is something we don't always have. A recruitment and staffing agency do this day in day out, it's their jobs, tap into their resources to benefit yourself and company. Don't run short staffed, there are agencies that will fill in the gaps with as little as 1 hours notice. Don't settle for anything less than good candidates for your company, doing so, will only give you long term problems, again resulting in lost time and revenue. You want to ensure you add value to the team. Find an agency that gives you the following services: temporary, contracted, temporary - Hire and permanent solutions.

I am the Managing Director at Royal Educare, if you want a confidential chat regarding the above services, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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