10 Steps to successfully recruit an 'A Player’

Before we kick start this, what is an A player?

An A player is an individual that is highly talented on so many levels. They are skilled and have an outstanding attitude towards their job. They have a desire to be the best, a champion mindset, integrity and are forward thinkers. These are people we refer to as 'Dream Team'.

Just to give you an example, one of the most successful companies in the world 'Microsoft' commits to only recruiting A Players. Many of those top performers would have played a huge part of the innovation and creativity that Microsoft holds so dearly today and as a result have gone on to lead successful career's. Two ex - employees later founded 'Glassdoor' which is a database of anonymously posted information about salaries, interviews, and jobs.

Here is a scale of A - C Players.

1. A Players – Microsoft has a workforce of thousands of employees, but only has around 80 A players. Microsoft is one of the most successful companies in the world. Imagine what a handful could do for you.

2. B Players – B players perform 80% of the time and may need some coaching and training to turn these people into an A player.

· C Players – Very difficult to train and cost more than it would to hire an A or B player.

When supporting our clients to source A Player’s for their business, the first thing we check are their job adverts and are they really engaging enough to encourage candidates to apply! From experience, job adverts tend to be very long winded, have a vast amount of information about the company and very little about the 'Opportunity' at hand.

Next time you are on the job boards or social media, put yourself in the viewers shoes and ask yourself ‘Would I apply for this position’? Is the job advert compelling and does it really highlight what’s in it for me? You'll be surprised at the results.

Are you someone that enjoys going out with that 1 friend that likes to talk about themselves all the time? I would imagine the answer is 'No'. Personally, I just sit there like a nodding dog and the information is going in 1 ear and out the other. This my friend....is exactly what happens when someone is looking for their next 'great' job opportunity. Let's look at this the other way round. You go out with that 1 friend that asks you questions and gets you speaking about your day, simply having an 'open' conversation. I guarantee you will both be deep in conversation and time will pass as though someone has just fast forwarded the clocks.

The fact of the matter is, we are all busy people and spend a lot of time browsing the internet. So what will stop you in the tracks next time you are scrolling the job boards or social media? These are questions you need to be thinking about when creating your next job advert.

The power of these 10 steps will help your advert shine through next time.

1. Know the job role that’s needed. This might sound obvious, but many client we have supported in the past have a job advert that does not match the job role. Simple stuff hey!

2. Define success for this position in 2 – 3 sentences. What happens if the person does well in this position? Is it career progression? Better salary? Trip abroad with the family fully funded?

3. Break the success into specific key results. This will help the applicant understand what is expected of them to achieve the success.

4. Think of key people who have done well in the position and mirror their skills and talents. Also talk to your key people and ask them "Why do you work here"?

5. Write down skills, attitude and experience that will create superior results.

6. Are the A player skills and talents easy to learn or difficult to teach? If difficult, it’s essential to find people who already hold these skills and attitudes. Remember attitude is very hard to teach.

7. What are the employment and education background needed for this job role? Where and when would you have liked them to have achieved this?

8. How did you source previous A players and why did they come to you? Where were they working previously?

9. Where are you likely to find these people? What social media platform to they hangout? Is there a group or forum that are likely to have these people?

10. How would you like to promote this job to A players to keep a constant flow in the pipeline?

If you would like to find out more on the benefits of recruiting A Players, please drop us an email and we would be more than happy to assist.

E: info@royaleducare.co.uk

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